Memorial Day could be next forbidden.

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    If our slain soldiers could raise up out of their graves there would be a clearing of the ignorant disrespect of our flag. Anyone here in this country that feels our flag being flown is reason for a foreigner to be offended and should be taken down because it may cause or instigate trouble needs to be shipped out right now.
    Take prayer out of schools because someone might be offended.
    Quit saying Merry Christmas because it might offend someone.
    Remove the Ten Commandments due to the false notion of separation of church and state and it might offend someone.
    During Cinco De Mayo when Spanish students are displaying the Mexican flag in school the American students can't display the American Flag because it could offend the Spanish students. Whatever happened to the American flag must be displayed above a foreign flag in the USA?
    A student can't read his bible during free time during school.
    Prayer can't be held before school athletics.
    Sports programming want to eliminate the national anthem because it is using up to much air time prior to a game.
    The government wants to take away 2nd amendment rights of ex military personnel.
    Could Memorial Day be forbidden some day because it might offend someone?
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    Our government offends me,

    I want our forefathers back.;)


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    I can't agree with you more. Today millennials ( I think that's what they call them) have no sense of patriotic duty. They have no respect for our American flag nor what was sacrificed so they can do their protesting or what ever you call it. My buddy of over 25 yrs. was a navy corpsman and was featured on Life Magazine front cover when he was in Nam. Just the other night he called me and said that the picture of him helping a wounded Marine up on a hill was blown up proportionately and is posted on a wall next to the bronze statue of the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. A fellow Marine was trying to track down all the Marines who served on a certain campaign and he finally ran across my buddy. He had his serial number and complete data on that company. He and I rarely talk about our military service but I am so proud of him and his contribution to all the lives he might have saved. Now I look at all the kids coming back, and some are not kids, National Guard and Reserve who have served our country, voluntarily and these millennials have no idea of what the troops are even doing. When I saw the school where the Mexicans (and I have no prejudices as I am half Hawaiian myself) walking on the flag and the ex combat gal who tried to stop them was halted my the police, my blood boils. Our flag is not only a symbol, it is the life's blood of the American way. I am glad I am a dinosaur as I don't want to be around another 50 years to see how our country reacts in time of in country crisis. Maybe the way things are going, I may not have to wait that long. God bless America and all who served and are presently serving.