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Me Thinks I Have A Stalker

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It never fails. There's always one poor soul who finally realises that they "wasted away" 20+ years of their life being told by someone smarter, what to do every day during that period time. They never really get to actually think for themselves, just do what they've been told, and when to do it. Never to learn anything for themselves:

Then, when they get turned loose onto the public, they have no "skill-set" as to what they can do, except follow what they've been told. Maybe after cleaning latrines for those 20+ years, a night shift job at Walmart, or some bus station, they can clean the toilets and urinals to eek out a meager living, but that choice was theirs and theirs alone, so accept it, you did it to yourself.
Then they get all mired up in what others actually know how to do and become jealous of what others have learned while they were the "go-fers" for some "three striper" who kicked them in the butt day and night. Well, here's to you mr. stalker:

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