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Max 9

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Over the weekend my wife purchased a new Max 9. When I got home from work I was looking the new pistol over and tried the trigger. The gun that was just purchased new would not fire. I could get it to dry fire if the slide was slid a quarter of an inch to the rear. Needless to say I was very disappointed. I have been buying and shooting Ruger products for thirty years. They obviously they did not try this gun before it left the factory.
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Contact Ruger warranty service as soon as you can.
They will provide you with a return label and fix the problem. They are very friendly and very professional.
It’s an inconvenience but at least you now have a highly regarded customer support program to fall back on.

Stuff like this happens. I got an AK a while back that wouldn’t fire unless you held the magazine back. I had to send it for repaired twice, but then they sent a new replacement.
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