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    I was watching Gunblast video of 2015 Shot Show and the Ruger show display box talked about the newest Match Champion 1755. Ruger newest Match Champion 1755 now has an adjustable rear sight and Ruger did upgrades internally such as polishing and other improvements such as more parts are shimmed now for smoother action.
    My question is whether my set rear sights can be replaced with the new adjustable sights. Also would the new internal improvements be interchangeable with my Match Champion?
    Well I just checked Ruger site and the adjustable sight gun 1755 is a model made different for the adjustable sight so I guess that answers that question. I was hoping an adjustable sight could be slid into the 1754 sight dovetail but it seems not as the frame on the model 1755 is machined totally different.
    I wonder does Ruger or some aftermarket company make an adjustable sight to fit into the 1754?
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    I would call Ruger and see if they could do a upgrade on your gun. Make sure you talk to someone in service or repair or realy noes what kind of work they can do.