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Hello all,
I recently purchased an SR 1911 Commander, and am thrilled with this pistol. The fit and finish as well as all the custom items that come
with this pistol are a pleasure to own and behold... I sure do love the old
"Slab Sided" 1911's that I owned and purchased along the way in my life.
I was a Teen in the Navy when I fired my first 1911, and after switching over to the Army and becoming a Tanker, the 1911 became my personal
weapon, beyond the M60 I rode in. That Colt sure didn't look anything like this custom piece from RUGER....WTG Ruger !

I can't wait to get down to the range this month and run some
ball ammo through this pistol. I think this is going to become a keeper..

Stay safe and Watch your Six ! Sarge
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