Marlin XL7 .25-06, Gunshow Rpt.

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    Maybe I should call it a Marligton cause it is a Marlin made by Remington according to the previous owner. He and his wife and brought this gun in and an expensive .22 bolt gun. Well, it was a Mossberg with a heavy fluted barrel, fancy bolt handle, AR style flash hider. Wanted 240 ror the .22 and 3 for the XL7. He had not had any luck on eirher. I told him I would do 2 on the Marlin. he had already been offered that. he wanted a swap on a .223 or .22-250 bolt gun. he had not found one that he could afford. I told him Ihad one of each. he passed on my single shot Rossi .223, but was real interested in the Savage Axis. He had looked at a few guns at Wally World and was trying to get enough to buy one or swap for one here..

    Hi rifle was the standard XL7 with a poly stock, blue, 22 inch barrel and he saidit had pillar bedding, and was free floated from the factory. Good features on an economy gun. Trigger was adjustable too. he and his dad had sent the stocks to be done in some kinda poly finish that looked like sand with flecks of color in it. Nice looking finish other thanthe same old black. His dad had passed away and he had 2 of them. His wife couldn't handle the recoil, so a .22 cal high powered rifle would work. I was still stuck on 2 cash or he could give me his gun and a C note. I had to try to get something. I was ready to trade even cause I liked the gun. So, nothing to lose. He said he could do 50 boot. I almost went for it, but asked if he had anything else to swap. he said he had a zipper bag and full box of Remmy ammo in the truck. I suggested his gun, the bag, ammo, & 80 bucks. He went for it.

    Everyone was happy & the guy paid for dinner. Works for me. Got a generic pic of a gun like mine. Sorry my camera gave up the ghost.

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    Pancho, Pancho,

    I'm disappointed didn't make the guy throw in his socks and underwear.:D

    Jeeze, you got the better end on that deal. Even swap woulda been good deal.

    We call those rifles Remlins.;):)


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    Don't know much about the XL7, but any good bolt gun in .25/06 is a keeper. Wish I still had mine...
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    Hey Fido,

    I once got an old man to give up his walking cane on a deal and told him to use the barrel of the M1 carbine he bught as a cane. He wanted it bad. After a good laugh, I gave it back.

    A Remlin? Kinda like a gremlin? I kinda like Marlington. I still have the Lemongton 770 I got last month.