Mark III 22/45 Stuck

Discussion in 'Ruger Rimfire Forums' started by Haw1936, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I installed the V. sear yesterday. Everything seemed to go back in place. When I shut the mainspring, it seemed to resist more than usual. I reopened it, but it would not cooperate. It comes out a little, but hangs. I've tried holding the trigger and pop it on the backside of the bolt, but after an hour of that, gave up. I've tried hitting the muzzle against a wooden block, but that doesn't work. I'm thinking of driving out the hammer pin, but wanted to get some suggestions. One fellow told me he could show me how to un-stick the mainspring in 15 seconds, but couldn't explain it to me. So,I'm looking for an explanation on how to free the gun to once again properly work!