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    Watching the primary results state by state there sure are millions that don't vote. Perhaps many think their vote doesn't matter and the election is rigged. Perhaps many just don't want to be bothered with voting.
    On the other side there are more people coming forward to vote than have in past elections. It seems more are coming out and they are voting republican. That IMO could be because people are tired of what the past democrat leaders have done to this country in the last 7+ years. People are tired of the lies that the economy has gotten better since Obama took the seat. To many people have been laid off or know someone that is being laid off.
    Obama, people are ready for a change and not the trashing change you gave to this country. If anything Obama's eight years as president should trounce the democrat party. If it isn't rigged I believe the republicans should take the presidency with a landslide vote. More Americans are hurting worse under Obama's regime. I hope his wife is proud because I doubt to many Americans are proud of her husband.
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    I think Michelle is proud of him, what do you think?
    Change you can believe in!

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    I can only say that this idiot has taken down our country that took over 200 years to build. We still are the greatest nation in the world but he has ruined our morals, ethics, been divisive, unlawful and will go down in history as the WORST POTUS we have ever, ever had. He has no conscious nor a way to communicate with the American people nor the Congress. We have lost 197 officers in the armed services since he has become the president. These are officers that have distinguished careers yet elected to retire or were retired because they did not agree with his policies. ISIS has become stronger along with other militant groups and he just dismisses them. His confidants only tell them what he wants to hear and then he still doesn't listen. He has a little over 300 days left in office. I hope he golfs every day and stays out of our world. It's going to take the next 10 presidents to overcome what he did in the last 7 1/2 years. The only reasons that when he swims in the ocean and sharks don't bite him is out of courtesy!!!! I cannot wait until he leaves office and presently I don't really care who takes over as long as it's not Hilldebeast. End of a continuing rant!!!