Man with no name.

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  1. CajunBass

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    Picked these up recently, so I figure I'd bore everyone here with them.

    Cimarron/Uberti 1871/72, open top Colt replica's, in 44 Special.

    "Right Hand"



    Left Hand



    The "Man With No Name" grips apparently aren't original to these guns. I don't really care for them, but without them I probably wouldn't have noticed them. Once I had decided to buy one (I like the 44 Special cartridge), my wife insisted that I buy the other one..."You can't break up the set."
  2. phideaux

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    Congrats ,
    Uberti guns ooooze with quality,

    Those are beautiful, and I too like the 44 special , and I too like Ubertis , I have a few myself.

    Have you shot them yet?


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    The man with no name.

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    They are nice, l picked up a 44Colt and a 38 open toppers. Don't have the fancy grips. Finally found reasonable priced set of dies for the 44, do about time to shoot it. A learning curve as the newer versions shoot colt 44 and 44 special my older one doesn't.
  5. CajunBass

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    Yes, I have shot them, 50 rounds through each. They are a hoot. I've never shot them off a bench or anything, just sort of glorified plinking at the range. Recoil is moderate with my loads (200 gr RNFP lead) over a moderate charge of Unique. I've got a hundred rounds of Georgia Reloads "Cowboy loads" I'm going to take next time I go to the range and see how they do.

    The rear sights are tiny, and my eyes are old, but they seem to be sighted right on at seven/ten yards. Which is good, that's about as far as I generally shoot anyway.

    Oddly enough, I have never seen any of the "man with no name" movies. When I first saw the guns, I had no idea what the snakes were all about.