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    Stag handle knife was of my design. Made for me in 1969 by Steve Meyer of Alvin, Texas. I had sent pattern to several
    Knife Smiths, they wouldn't make such weird blade. This was before big custom knife boom. Knife only has 4 1/2" blade.
    It's heavy, 3/8" spine/ false edge on top for cleaver. 440HC blade, Sambar stag with desert agate. It's the sharpest knife
    I've ever owned. It's helped many a critter out of it's birthday suit. I don't like to carry it any more so I made "30/30"knife
    out of industrial chipper blade HC steel. Black Walnut handles and 30/30 brass for fasteners. ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1420693386.453197.jpg ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1420693415.907538.jpg
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    Is there a website that you can customize one? They look really nice and the sheath is nice

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    Knife making

    There are several knife makers supply outfits on line. The one that comes to
    mind is Jantz. All the wholesale knife distribs, like Smokey Mt. And Frost have
    some listed. I make all my blades from carbon steel. I use saw blades, files and
    Other industrial type blades. Handle materials are all wood or deer antler. Brass
    hand guards and butts. Right now I'm making Bowie out of a piece of Simmons
    Tool Steel. Came in package 3x16. Came from old machine shop that has been
    closed since 60s I do all work with files to avoid ruining temper.
    Sheaths made from Farmers Repair package of scrap odds and ends sold at
    local HWD store.
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    Milling with a file is a lot of work and time consuming. I do the same thing.