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    I didn't see the mail truck till Wed. and today I heard some vehicle on the road. I looked out the window to see the mail truck hauling mail down the road. I expected no mail would come Monday because of Labor Day and I sure didn't expect to see the mail delivered on Sunday. That needs to be reported to Ripley's believe it or not.

    I checked my mail box and found Tuesday junk, grocery ads, mail got delivered on a Sunday. That junk mail has got to get delivered. LOL Dang I missed the Wed. grocery sales day. The knife sharpener that was supposed to be delivered Friday still didn't make it though. Darn it! I need call and complain.
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    ^^^ "Darn it! I need call and complain" :laugh2:
    Lol, ^^^

    The wife's car is down. We ordered parts for it just before the storm hit. D'oh!
    Yesterday she asked if we should call to check on our overdue parts.
    Really? Check on the parts shipment when nobody and nothing can go nowhere???
    That's too funny. :laugh2:


  3. buster40c

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    The mail even was delivered today. I guess they had to make up for days lost due to the storm.
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    I never figured you for being a coupon clipper!!! I can see you sitting at your kitchen table with your scissors and piles of paper stacked all over and your pouring over the ads. BUT, I sure can't criticize you cuz if you can save a buck, they all add up. A penny saved is a penny earned. Course in your case you don't save pennies-just Ben Franklin's......:cheesy:

    Yank ...............Yank!

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    ^^^ Buster,

    If you can save Benjamins you must have the powers of a Jedi Knight. Teach me, Obi Wan Kenobi! I'm lucky to be able to get Andy Jackson to stick around for more than a minute or two, let alone Ben Franklin...
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    I quit clipping coupons because I never got around to using them till they had expired. Dang scissors were so dull I had to tear the coupons out.

    I lately go to the Christian thrift store to browse and buy. Much cheaper than the pawn shops. I bought two shirts that are like new for $2 each and a lined camo jacket like new for $2.50. I bought a painting for $4. A like new camera tripod for $4. It's a good way to save the Benjamins. There is a difference between being cheap and being frugal. Being cheap often buys junk where as being frugal can get good stuff while saving money.
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