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With the motto of "Your fun gun just got serious," black-rifle super accessory maker Magpul just dropped a pretty sweet 10/22 chassis with just about every feature you could want.

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The 10/22 has been around for a half-century and has been sold in numbers that other gun makers can only dream of-- making it a staple in the aftermarket stock business. We can think of at least four manufacturers right off the top making 10/22 replacement stock options. This means Wyoming-based Magpul (they moved out of Colorado over the state's ban on mags over 15 rounds in capacity among other things) needs to come correct with Ruger 22 stock.

And it looks like they have.

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The Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock is made specifically as an aftermarket drop in replacement stock for the standard Ruger 10/22 rifle family. The stock's forend has Magpul's unique M-Lok slots for accessories (Harris type bipods, slings, etc.) while the butt is adjustable for Length of Pull using half-inch spacers and has cheek riser options to raise the comb for a semi-custom adjustment.

But what if you have a bull barrel? Well the X-22 has a reversible barrel tray for optimal placement of either the standard pencil barrel or larger target models.

It is all made of high quality reinforced polymer, which is par for the course with Magpul, best known for their AR-15 PMAGs. MSRP is $139 but you can expect to see some online deals a little lower.

Here is Magpul's propaganda video on the X-22 featuring some over-the-top ghillie suit wearing snipers equipped with a sweet 10/22 complete with their chassis (and a fluted barrel) taking out pop cans of questionable background.

And here's what Team Sootch00 thought of the chassis in an extensive review, well worth your 15 minutes.
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