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The Ruger LCP is one of the best and most popular .380 pocket guns on today's market. However, its six round flush-fit OE magazine for some is just a tad too small. Steve Corso and the gang over at MagGuts have a solution to squeeze one extra round into the LCP, and we gave it a shot.

The Problem
View attachment 10866

While many shooters (this one intended) rely on the cute no-nonsense 'Elsie Pea' to provide a backup while on duty and a compact CCW piece when off work, the gun is restricted to a half dozen rounds in the standard mag, plus one in the pipe. Sure, we like a slim and lightweight handgun for what it is, and a double-stack or extended mag would cut back on both of those admirable traits, but it would be nice to have an extra round-- for those special moments.

The Solution

Sturm, Ruger themselves have come out with a 7-shot extended mag earlier this year. However, that's the thing, its extended longer than the original. I was lucky enough to get one of these but typically don't use it due to the extra half inch. I know it's only a half inch longer, but if you are used to carrying your LCP the way it came for two years, then add bulk to it, you notice it pretty quick while moving around during the day.

MagGuts , of Jupiter Florida, has a solution to this in the form of their 7-shot kit that replaces the internals in your LCP magazine and gives you an extra capacity-- without that extra bulk. It's like having your cake and eating it too.

View attachment 10870
(The kit includes what you see here which is a twin spring set up, a split level follower, a floorplate flanges)

The MagGuts kit

The company bills it as "Ruger LCP MagGuts-High Capacity Magazine Conversion" and it does just what it sounds like. The kit uses your existing magazine tube and base plate while replacing all internal components with the MagGuts dual spring system. It's easy to install, we did it here at Ruger Talk in about five minutes back in February and have been field testing it for the past six months.

View attachment 10868
(The only thing we didn't like was the top spring was visible under the follower while the mag was unloaded, but this did not affect performance at all)

View attachment 10867
(The new floorplate flange is visible on the back of the magazine after the conversion, but it doesn't take anything away from the operation.)

To pull it off, simply start with an unloaded Ruger OE magazine. Use a pen or punch to pop off the floor plate and remove the spring and follower. Insert the MagGuts split follower, twin springs, and additional floorplate flange, then put the OE floorplate back on, and you are good to go. Put the original spring and follower to the side if you want to change back later or need a replacement in ten years.

View attachment 10869
(After conversion you are left with a flush-fitting 7-shot LCP mag with MagGuts -- note the haze grey floorplate with distinctive Corso logo. To the left you see the original Ruger innards that you can always go back to. )

MagGuts advises that these kits work on both finger extension and flat base plates.
They offer free shipping on this currently $21.95 item.

MagGuts has a great video, mirrored off their website, which explains the kit installation in 4-minutes flat. Actually installing it, (once you get the spring direction right!) takes even less time.

We have been carrying ours and have put more than 200-rounds of all sorts of .380 through it with no issue over the past six months.

MagGuts motto is 'The last round's on us' and after trying their kit, we believe them.
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