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    Since TPP was approved you can bet there will be even less American made products, which also means less jobs, which also means a much a lower living standard. The good old USA will soon be a third world nation. Minimum wage jobs will be the norm. That sort of makes more plain why the push for a minimum wage of $15. The USA had its run now it is being put on the back burner. When there are more people on the gubmint teat than those working making enough to live on then there is only one way for this country to go and it isn't headed up. More like time is up, put your pencils down.

    The only thing IMO that can save our country now is a total revolution and I don't expect the citizens have enough backbone to do that. People have been so led down the road of no return by patriotism propaganda of what doesn't even exist anymore. People are so blind it is pitiful. The good old USA has been dry docked a long time ago. What we have now is not a country, it is a huge corporation disguised for completely fooling the citizens. Our country has and is being sold out lock stock and barrel.

    The best way to rob a bank is from within and the same is true about a country. If we would ever be told the truth about those supposedly speaking and acting for us we would all say "AH HA" now it all makes sense how we have been stolen blind in broad daylight as well as the night time. Who have we given the keys to? Yep we have an inside job being done right under our noses by the very people we made the guards.

    Nobody will ever be charged with treason because that would be implicating the whole bunch as well since all would be found with their hands in the cookie jar. One yea vote without supposedly reading the content makes the voter an accessary to the treasonous crime. One charged with treason would wipe out them all.
    Yep the demise of our country was MADE IN THE USA. Truth is the citizens have been accomplices by their very indifference to even ask questions. We are thinking like Hilliary's "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW". We need hold our own hands to the fire.
    A person comes into your house invited by you and you find out the person is a thief. Do you let him reside in your house or do you remove him with force if necessary? If you started to notice things started to come up missing did you even look to see who might be stealing from you? Why do citizens not clean out their house when they see who is stealing from them? This same thing is happening now in our house aka our country.
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    I can remember after WWII and the Korean War when the Japanese were coming to the U.S. and taking pictures of everything. We would all laugh about it and wonder why they did it. Little did we know then that they were on a training mission. They were soaking up all of our technology and learning as much as they could. I can remember when it said: Made in Japan: was a joke and you would use the tool once and throw it away or not use it at all. But good ole Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA treaty and there by started our downfall. I can't say I blame the big companies for moving some of their plants overseas however much I disagree. If the taxes were cut, I think that a lot of companies would come back to us and have good paying jobs. I could be wrong as I am no economist or technology expert. Our tax structure is the highest corporate taxes in the world. I would hate to work all week long now and give most of my hard earned dollars to the government to waste. I know how to waste it myself. Obama is not concerned about the economy, just his legacy. Hilldebeast was asked about the Keystone pipeline and she said she would tell later. After all, what difference does it make? She is just as bad as the idiot that we presently have in the White House and you can be assured, should she be elected, get out the Vaseline because we are going to need it badly. End of rant!


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    The Japanese turnaround may not have been quite how you saw it, Tommy. An American went over there and showed them how they could do Quality Control - and they did it. While Detroit was turning out lemons every Monday and Friday, the Japanese were importing economy cars to the US that actually ran for awhile. That woke up the US plutocrats enough to hire some brains, and our government was ripe for a money-based takeover... and that seems to be all she wrote, except for a few ineffective peeps by people the hired spin doctors could easily handle. We are probably screwed; Bernie and or Carson may be our last chance; care to place a bet?
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    I would be willing to bet whomever becomes president will either play the same game or be pushing up daises. There isn't a politician alive that doesn't know that. Trump or Fiona are on top because the people know a politician will be no different. That's exactly how Obama got elected. The people believed his new hope and change. To bad the people didn't know the hope and change wasn't with us in mind for the better.
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    Good ole Bill was blackmailed into signing the NAFTA in turn they GOP would stop dogging his a__ about Monica.
    Now you can give away all out secret technology to the Chinese, make it for half the cost and charge us the same as it was made in the money elsewhere so theres no taxes.