Made in China junk.

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    I washed clothes last night and then threw them in the drier. Couple hours later I hear a slight beep beep and found the noise coming from my drier. I opened the door and clothes still damp like the drier hadn't turned on. Flashing code E2 which I found out means door not closed warning and drier will not start. I checked the switch with ohm meter and it's good. Trouble shoot says possible causes are door switch, temp over heat protect fuse, main control panel failure.
    Push start button and after a minute I hear a click like a breaker. Everything looks ok on control panel but nothing happening.
    So I rinsed the clothes so they wouldn't mildew stink and hung them out of the line to dry. Started out about 60 degrees this am but got up around 90 so clothes got dry in spite of the darn drier.
    It seems all new appliances don't last no time at all compared to the old machines that lasted 20-30 years. Haier drier sold by Sears but of course made in China and is costly cheap junk. This drier I bet isn't 5 years old and basically used in the winter since I hang clothes line dry for nothing in the other 9 months. So a little bit used drier takes a crapola. Dang junk made in China with a very short lifespan to keep their plants building and selling more junk.
    I have to say I bought a new Whirlpool washer that the hot water valve was defective right out of the box. I took it back to Lowe's and got my money back. Can't even buy American made stuff that isn't one step above junk it seems anymore.
    Darn service call on drier plus labor and parts will probably be 3/4 cost of a new piece of junk. This wasn't a cheapest line drier either. It has more settings than I know what to do with.
    I think I would be real leery buying a new car made in China.
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    We know where all of the electronics come from these days. Whether it be a stove, fridge, stereo, washer, dryer etc., they are so hit and miss these days. Any repair man will tell you............................

  3. Tommycourt

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    And what do you think of all the automobiles on the road that are made out of country? It ain't just China!

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    You generally get what you pay for, in country or out. I've owned Hondas and GMC. Both spectacular products. I've also owned Fords and BMWs- both crap. Dell and Apple computers- both excellent. Maytag dryer and refrigerator- crap. Samsung refrigerator and washer- excellent. Old GE dishwasher lasted 25 years, new Miele bought 3 years ago is junk.
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    Hate to sound non-American here but in the late 1970's ~ early 1990's I had a Toyota that lasted so long I got tired of driving it.
    The drivers seat wore out, the body rusted but that thing kept on going.
    I gave it to someone in need. Last I heard it was still going and good transportation for them.
    That was quite a while ago, wonder if it's still in service.

    The quality of anything seems to be hit-or-miss these days.
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    I hear ya. I bought a Toyota p/up new and put 228,000 mi. on it before selling it. All I did to it was replaced a water pump and radiator. Still didn't use or smoke oil. I saw it a couple years later. Someone had turned the odometer back to like 80,000 and it was still running good. I have to say Toyota makes good vehicles.
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    Most non-electronic manufactured goods from China are complete junk. Go to any Dollar Tree and look at those products. Harbor Freight has mostly crap tools.

    My wife recently needed a new vacuum cleaner even though the old was was less than 2 years old. It is literally falling apart from the on/off switch being a poorly designed and made of warped plastic and the plastic wheels are out of camber and falling off too. I was forced to buy a new Hoover, probably made in China and hope to get a few years out of it.

    I needed some new t-shirts and went to a VF Outlet in Vero Beach. Purchased a few $3.00 ching chong grey t-shirts for the gym, but I also purchased a made in USA shirt with an American flag on the front. That shirt fits me better, is true to size and looks better.

    I don't know the what the big attraction to cheap ching chong junk is all about? Given a choice I would choose and pay a bit more to buy USA made products in most cases. I do own a wonderful Honda CRV made in Canada and my wife drive a Hyundai Santa Fe made in Korea. Both excellent vehicles.
  8. Ernesto

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    Mother in law bought a sears Kenmore heavy duty washer just about everyone in our family has used and abused. Still running at over 40 years old.
  9. EasyCZ

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    My 2000 Honda Accord has 304,000 miles. Still runs great.

    I try to buy American, German, and, Japanese products. The fewer Chinese products I have, the happier I am.
  10. buster40c

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    The Hoover vacuum company had its main headquarters and main production in the small city I grew up in. The main plant took up one fourth of the town square and several blocks around it. Hoover was bought out and the new owners shut the complete Hoover factory and business down. My dad even worked there during WWII before starting his own business. Many of my friends worked there as well. It was a huge economical hit to the small city. Can you imagine working for a company 25-30 years and in your fifties you are told the company is sold and will be shut down? What a shocker that had to be.
    Hoover vacuums are still being made but not much doubt not built in the USA any more. My high school was even called Hoover High School.
  11. Ernesto

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