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Hello, I have a question for the die hard Ruger fanatics.

I have a few Ruger m77’s. One in TwentyFive-AughtSix, one in TwoSeventy and another in Thirty-AughtSix.

Now, my TwentyFive-AughtSix has a factory heavy barrel that is 24” long with no iron sights. My TwoSeventy and Thirty-AughtSix have 20”-22” not so heavy barrels...

I’m looking for a m77 in Thirty-AughtSix with the same 24” factory heavy barrel, tang safety, wood stock and original red recoil pad. It has proved to be harder than I thought.

Has anyone out there seen one or does anyone have one? Do they even exist!?!?!?!

Please send me a message!!
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