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M77 Mark II

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I have a M77 Mark II Target/Varmint rifle in 25-06. It is the most accurate production rifle I have. It weighs a ton, but for what it was built for, it is perfect. Can't wait to go predator hunting. We don't have much of predator hunting here in the east, but I drool while watching the western predator hunting all the time. :)
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I bought my M77 back in the mid 70's in the 270 Cal & have been Deer Hunting with it since then. Loading it with Win. 130 PSP ammo.? And to tell you it's accuracy.One shot kills on every Deer so far out to 250 Yds. I love this rifle.?Barr none.
Have a Ruger mk 2 ss ultralight in 30-06. Have put it in a Bell And Carson stock, modded the trigger with a lighter spring and it is my favorite deer buster. It sometimes gets left when I take the 1900 Sweedish 6.5 also in a B nC stock with a lightened Timney featherweight trigger.
I have M77 MKII Varmint in 223, it is pretty heavy, but what rifle with that much barrel isn't? It may make people a little sick but when I worked in a gun store I bought it brand new from our Ruger Vendor Rep. for about $250 cash back in the 90s. It is stainless with the pale ghost bluing and a laminated stock. I worked the trigger myself and it is sweet, it just needed a little more polishing. I think I also lapped the bolt a bit.
I found this 1982 M77 at a pawn shop and got it for $265 out the door.30/06


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I found this 1982 M77 at a pawn shop and got it for $265 out the door.30/06
Looks just like my 1970–something

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I have an M77 from the 70s that was a hand me down. I'm the 3rd owner. Looks just like the one above with a cheap 4X scope. I don't know which M77 version it is.

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Not gonna say how little I got mine for , but was the price of 2 tip tickets which were very cheap. LETS JUST SAY I GOT THE RIFLE LESS THAN A SET OF NEW 30-06 DIES WERE FOR IT . actually MUCH LESS.
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