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Guys really need to be total concentration on the task at hand when reloading.

It does pay to be very attentive.

That guy IS very lucky it wasnt worse.


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2400 in 7mm Rem mag.

Some years ago 4 guys went together and bought bulk 2400 pistol powder. When they split it up one guy put his in empty IMR powder cans. One of them
Got a new H&R 301 7 Rem mag. He loaded for IMR 4350 with 2400. The rifle was worse mess than Savage in above post. The idiot who did this claimed he
was in hurry and thought he was using IMR 4350. How dumb could you be to
mistake 2400 for IMR of any kind. I once herd this guy telling that you could
dip a rifle case in any powder and it would work. I think he knew what powder
he was using and didn't know any better. Either way he's not a guy who should
be loading. Any one can make a mistake. Learn what different powders look like,
never put powder in mislabeled can, and learn to recognize what your load looks
like in scale pan. Lastly after charging cases visually inspect the powder. When
you are loading concentrate on task at hand don't be distracted. Oh, yeh goof
that did this got away with minor injuries. The Lord protects fools!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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