low recoil/flash 357 LCR

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  1. buster40c

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    I see low recoil and low flash 357 ammo available and that it is a bit more expensive and was wondering if anyone with an LCR 357 has used this ammo?
    Is there that much difference in recoil to be worth buying it for CC use? Would it be just as well to use 38+P than to pay extra for this low recoil ammo?
    I carry 38+P for everyday CC because the 357 is rather a stout kicker. I probably should be carrying with 357 just because of the more powerful stopping which is also why I wonder about using the low recoil/flash ammo. I figure lower recoil probably equates with lower stopping power also.
    what is ya'lls take on it?
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  2. Pancho_Villa

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    I have one in .357. Been using a light bullet .357 in it from Remington, 110 gr. JHP factory load. Felt recoil is less, but muzzle flash is still big in low light levels. Guess +P .38 spls would work, but I can live with the recoil of the 110 gr. magnum. Recovery was o.k. One thing to remember is that ya ain't got no ear protection in an SD situation. So, muzzle blast will be excessive and could affect the shooter's recovery time. Some might need the lower recoil and muzzle flash/noise from the low recoil/flash ammo. With a quick expanding bullet, it could serve them better.

    I can live with the magnums I am using. Let a buddy shoot the thing at a range with some old Fed ammo in 158 gr. full power stuff. It changed his mind about getting one. We had ear protection on and the noise was still pretty bad at an indoor range. Guy next to us was shooting a .45 and he came over to see what the hell we were shooting. My buddy said if he got one, he would have to use it with .38 spls and he already has a snub in .38 spl.

  3. ElmCreekSmith

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    I don't have an LCR, but I use the Speer 135 grain Gold Dot "Short Barrel" .357 Magnum in my three-inch barreled S&W Model 13-3. It makes a big difference in muzzle flash. YMMV.

  4. cjs1945

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    I use 125 gr. Critical Defense in my LCR-357 and recoil is not bad plus it is low flash.