Lost to 9-11

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    We take time to remember 9-11 and those that lost their lives because of it but we seem to not realize what we as citizens of this country have lost and continue to lose even more because of 9-11. People think what happened on 9-11 was such an attack on the people and this country when actually what happened afterward has been a much more costly attack on this country and its citizens. Our own government using 9-11 as an excuse has caused more harm to this country and its future than the planes on 9-11 ever caused. The planes on 9-11 took lives and demolished buildings but our government has used the 9-11 event to destroy this country and be all power over the citizens. In other words 9-11 really was the take over of our country in spite of what anyone wants to admit. 9-11 didn't end on that day, it was only the beginning of the end agenda. Still think it wasn't an inside job?
    Nope, nobody wants to admit or even hear this and for sure local news will never tell this story. The NDAA was the final match struck to burn the Constitution. Many think we still have the Constitution and the rights granted by it, but as we watch what is going on it is plain that thinking is nothing but a cloud of smoke left over from the burning of the Constitution.
    I sure am glad I was able to live the American dream. I am so sorry future generations will probably not get to experience what I have.