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Or should I say dumped and got a new home.
Some people a little ways from me suddenly had another dog arrive and stayed. Obviously someone dropped him off for who knows what reason. The people put an ad on neighborhood website trying to find the owner but they got no response. I to;d them the dog was probably a drop off and the previous owners don't want him back. I told them if they didn't want to keep him that I would gladly take him. Well that's what happened and now I have another new family addition.
He is a Chihuahua and weighs 12.3 lbs. The vet said he guesstamated he is around one and half years old. The dog was favoring his left hind leg and the vet said his hip had been hurt and he had indent in his muscle due to that the injury didn't heal back to normal. Vet said he might favor it forever but he should be okay with it.
So anyway I have had to play referee a few times because my dogs aren't thrilled with his being here. They will be all one family before long though.
Looking at his mug his buggy eyes remind me of a deer so I named him Bucky.
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