Looking to Buy 10/22 TakeDown Need Advice

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    At the gn show today, I saw some of these. I know the 10/22 is a great gn.
    They came in such small carrying cases when taken down. Very reasonable prices on GB, starting at $300.
    So is there anything I need to know, be aware of, watch out for? Wood? Synthetic? Camo? Mossy Oak? Doesn't matter? Should I just get a basic black one and build on it? Should I go ahead and get a scope on it? Do I NEED a scope on it? Any advice is appreciated.
    This would HAVE to be an awesome SHTF gn.
    (Saw one that had a suppressor - bit pricey, $900. One says it's threaded...heck, aren't they all threaded?!)
    When you put them back together from breakdown mode, are they pretty much zeroed in just like when before you broke it down?

    Albert Johnson
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  2. MadTrapper

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    Starting to think forget the scope...one guy said his POI kept changing every time he put it back together.
    So he switched to tech sights and everything was fine.
    Found this on another forum and everyone that has one, loves it, no problems. Great you can walk
    into a motel on the road and nobody see a long gn...might hide the Ruger emblem.
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  3. SHOOTER13

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    Not necessarily true...

    Q: if the scope is mounted tight and has good zero on the one piece...and you insert and twist the second to put it together...how do you lose zero !?

    A: You don't...

    { Everybody has a story...I'm tellin' you mine. }

    Worth about 2 cents in todays market...

    Red dots are also nice on that type of gun...

    A lot of aftermarket barrels and stuff available too...check Volquartsen...even Ruger.


    BTW...Go Synthetic. Wood warping in both hot and cold can change zero...especially on the Yukon Tundra. ;)
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    Agree with the above post. If you plan on upgrading it in the future then go with the TD target or TD light. I have 3 TD's all are scoped and have never lost zero. Just make sure you install the barrel per the instructions the first time. On the second to last step you may have to go a few more clicks than the manual says. Don't go to much, if after that step it feels really tight when putting the barrel on then don't, you'll have a really hard time getting it back off. The best way to do this step is to start with what the manual tells you, then put the barrel on. If it's still lose then go one click and put it on again. Do this as many times as you need to until there is no movement in the barrel, just make sure not to go to tight. If it feels like your going to break something when putting the barrel back on then it is to tight, back off a click at a time until it's very firm.