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  1. greg_r

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    Hope to have it out of law away by the end of August.

    Ruger SP 101Match Champion.

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  2. buster40c

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    So what you are saying is an early Christmas for you will be in August. Can't wait for your review of it.

  3. greg_r

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    I sure am not the sharpest knife in the drawer however my feeble mind would like to know why would they drop the ammo capacity down to 5 rounds when the GP100 carries 6? To my notion the GP100 was and is a good working pistol and I have had many of them without a much of a hiccup. Granted it is nice to have a trigger job done on a GP100 but after I did that to mine (and still have) I find it to be an excellent shooter. Of course I am not shooting competition with it also so maybe that may be a reason? Just my curiosity at work is all.

  5. greg_r

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    The GP100 is larger and heavier, the SP101 is ...well, svelte is the word I can come up with. My question was somewhat similar. Wonder why they did not do this in 327 Magnum? :dunno:

    Anyway, it was one of those I've got to get me one of these moments.
  6. buster40c

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    I am thinking they kept the cylinder count to five just to keep the cylinder narrower and for less weight. The SP101 is quite a bit smaller in all dimensions than the GP100. Many people comment they don't like carrying a heavier and larger gun around all day for CC.
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    ^^^ What Buster said. My ex Father in law carries a SP in a shoulder holster and loves it. He said full size .357s are just too heavy and bulky, but the SP has just enough heft to still be shootable, so its just right.
  8. greg_r

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    I have a GP100 3 inch, just because I didn't have a 357 and wanted one.

    As I noted above the SP101 MC just feels so much better in the hand. The grip fits very well, and the trigger is wonderful. Also like I noted above, I wish it was chambered in 327 magnum. Had this been available a couple of months ago, I would not have bought the GP100. I considered the SP101 Standard 4.2 inch when i bought the GP100. The added features of the MC over the standard is what pushed it over the edge.

    I still want a LCRX-3 in 327. Please Ruger. I know you are listening!
  9. VThillman

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    Well, let's cypher. Diameter difference between .35 and .32 is .03. .03x6=.18. Is that enough to allow a sixth chamber in the .327 version of the SP101? Well shucks, I dunno.

    Regardless of capacity, if someone took the plunge for an SP101 in .327 Mag, and then went to .32 S&W because the mag was too 'snappy', he'd be a fair amount lower on the effectiveness totem pole than if he had a .38 Special, wouldn't he?

    Tut-tut, Greg, not calling you out as a wimp here. Hey, where'd you find that 3" GP100MC, anyway?
  10. SHOOTER13

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    Nice looking piece...
  11. greg_r

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    The SP101 in 32 Federal Magnum IS A 6 shot

    I think Ruger missed their calling by not using the 327 Federal Magnum version as the base for the SP101 MC. They already have a MC 357 in the GP100 version.

    My 3 inch GP100 is a fixed sighted standard model. Never said it was a MC.

    Do you have any experience with the 327 Federal Magnum? I carried a H&R 733 with a 4 inch barrel as a trail gun for a long time. Plus a 2 inch 733 for a carry gun. Still have a 2 inch 733. The 733 is chambered in 32 S &W Long.

    After the 32 H&R Magnum came out I traded the 733 for a NEF R73 chambered for the 327 H&R Magnum. It was an even better trail gun.

    When Ruger first came out with the 327 Federal Magnum, it was offered in an 8 shot version of the Blackhawk. I shot one extensively. I wanted one of my own, even though the Blackhawk was a massive firearm for the cartridge. I just could never afford one. Then they just went away.

    I was happy to see the cartridge come back. It's a good round that like Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. In the LCRX with a 3 or possibly even a 4 inch barrel it would, in my opinion, make a perfect trail gun. Lightweight and easy to pack, with power almost equal to the 357 it would serve anyone well except maybe the person who has to worry about brown bears. Coyotes, rabid skunks, 2 legged critters, it will serve well. Plus it would give a full six rounds over its 38 special counterpart. You could carry the GP100 and get 6 rounds of 357, but it would be way heavier.

    As far as power, that's the beauty of the 327. You could carry the 327 Magnum and get nearly 357 magnum power. A 100 grain .312 bullet at 1400 fps ain't no slouch. Don't want or need that much power, the same bullet out of the 327 H&R Magnum gets 1200 feet per second and equals 38 special energy. Want to pot a rabbit for supper? The 32 S&W Long shooting the same bullet at 700 is just the ticket. It does the job with minimal meat damage. Want to shoot cans in the back yard. Maybe the 32 S&W with a 90 grain lead bullet at around 500 fps is just the ticket. All of these will chamber in the 327 Federal magnum.

    The 32 is a very good caliber that deserves better than what it gets.
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  12. MagBlackhawk

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    Dang, you just made THE case for .32 caliber. :Cooltu: Well stated.
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    Flippin' gorgeous. Congrats.
  14. SavageGuy

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    I never liked the .327 cause I didn't feel it was a big or heavy enough bullet. I carry a .357 magnum as a trail gun because I like a 180 gr bullet @ 1400 fps. Mostly thinking black bear or couger with that load.

    I can appreciate having a light weight gun with 6 shots though....
  15. ifithitu

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    It a a beauty for sure.
  16. paulruger

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    Good luck............the MC I had was a POS!