Local News Jumping On Bandwagon!

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    I don't always watch the news but the other day I happened to catch the local 5:30 news program. Normally there would be a national story followed by 3 or 4 local stories. But on this evening, the first three stories were about shootings in other parts of the country and then a report on the gun ban hearings. Are the local stations in your area acting stupid like this or just ours?:mad:
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    I stopped watching local, in Texas they are very pro gun, but it's never anything I want to watch and 9 times out of ten I've read about it on the internet.

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    It is much easier for them to pick up feeds from elsewhere than to do their own reporting about local activities, especially when the networks offer their affiliates much more sensational/emotional/easily exploitable material than much lower key, but actually pertinent local stories.

    I'm ex-news media for a few reasons, but this is one of them. The saying "If it bleeds, it leads" is not without substance in the news biz.
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    I quite watching TV when I got my first PC in 94 becouse I remember Billie talking about those evil black rifles and passing that AWB thing.I became a prepper before someone coin the term.Dad died in April of 95 and it was him that showed me the internet.Bought my first 32" flat screen HDTV in 2007 to replace a that big heavy CRT monitor I was useing.Some people today still ask(is that a TV you have hooked up to your computer).I'm not a computer geek.Im more of a hillbilly MacGyver kind of guy. Sure,I watch TV.But I call it HULU and TUBEPLUS now days.
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