Loading the 6.5x52 Carcano

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    A friend managed to pick up a Carcano rifle the other day, a short saddle rifle in 6.5x52. Seems like not such a abundance of ammo available so we are trying to reload for it. Does any one have experience in reloading this rifle?

    Seems like most 6.5 ammo today is .264, but it seems they also have some in .268, which is what i think this particular rifle requires as the box of standard .264 FMJ only managed to hit the target twice out of 10 shots….at 50 yards.

    I managed to find some of the .268 bullets, they are 160gr FMJRNSP. Picked up a Lee 2 set die with both the .264 and .268 neck expanders and used some of the empty cases to reload.

    Right off the bat troubles. The first 2 cases managed to get stuck in the Lee dies about half way down the case. Looks like maybe the dies are a bit rough, will try to polish them up and see if that helps. Next problem, when using the .268 neck expander it collapsed the neck on 2 of the cases by pushing the neck down into the main case…

    Anyway, finally i used the .264 decapper and used a hammer to knock out the old primers. Manually weighed the powder and poured the load into the case after putting in a new primer. The bullet seater worked ok so i seated the bullet in for a COL of 2.935. I used BLC-2 powder with a load of 30gr. Managed to get 4 rounds up to try out, but haven't had time yet to do so.

    Anyone familiar with these rounds? If so what is your favorite recipe for them? And what other little gems can i expect with this round?
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    Those rifles are great for converting to 7.62x39 because the bases of both cartridges are the same size.