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Loading light loads for the 357/77 Small game

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Started a project a month or so ago. Have the load for white tails down. 296 with the 180 grain hornady hp. But with the 22s being hoarded, just figured that a lead round nose would be great for squirrel hunting would be cool. Found a load with the 158 grain round nose behind a load of unique that gave 3/4" at 50 yards. I cast the bullets @ 18 on the Rockwell hardness scale so not a lot of damage on game. Just wanting to know if any one else is perusing the same thing.
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Yep, I load 180 xtp's with H110 for deer. Have yet to try them. Still debating whether to use those or WFNGC bullets. I cast 158 gr SWC and 125 gr round flat nose bullets for .357/38spl. Just started casting a few weeks ago, actually. Enjoying it so far.
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Those 125 gr lead (#2 alloy BHN) moving 1000-1200 fps, should be good for small game in .357. Wondering about POA difference compared with the 'warm' 180s; maybe use a different gun for each load and purpose?
You know, in all 2-3 years I've lived in WA, I've seen exactly 3 rabbits. One of which I shot. Not much of a small game hunting world here. I've seen so many deer that in bored of them and won't look twice at em ( unless in deer season!).

When loading 125 gr xtp's with H110, they kick more and explode water jugs better than the 180s. The velocity I guess.

I've got a Lotta testing before I settle on a deer load!
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