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    OK, I have my Ruger handgun collection about where I want it. Time to work on my Ruger rifle collection.

    I think I may have previously mentioned I wanted a RPR in 308. I have changed my mind. My favorite rifle in my collection is the FR8. Why not improve on that concept and go with the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle? What makes the Ruger Scout Rifle worth $350 more than the Mossberg scout rifle?

    And my second favorite rifle to shoot? My Yugo SKS. Following the thinking on the scout rifle, I need a Mini 30. Any known issues with it?

    Thanks guys!
  2. VThillman

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    Re the Mini 30, reports about accuracy are, ah, wide ranging.

  3. greg_r

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    I thought Ruger had fixed the accuracy issues with the Mini 14/ Mini 30. Reading up on it and it seems they have not. Some reviewers don't mention group size at all, some say a good 100 to 150 yard gun, one said 6 to 8 Mao, especially after the barrel heats, but it will do what most call on it to do. Not one said it would do 2 moa or better.

    Don't think this is what I want.

    The GSR on the other hand gets good reviews. The biggest negative is the cost of magazine's and that it does not use AR10 mags. I normally dont like the forward mounted scope, i would remove the rear sight and mount a scope conventially, but i am thinking that just mayve the 2x7 Vortex scout scope may be just the way to go.

    I have some time to think about it, this won't happen tomorrow.
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    Most Minis do get under 2 moa out of the box but most need things added to get them down to 1 moa. Mine was getting around 2 moa but after adding an Accu-strut it dropped it way down,not quite sure how much because I haven't gotten around to checking it at 100 yards yet.
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    Gunsite Scout in .308, SS (all weather) 18.5 barrel
    Took off the rear sight and added a XS Sight systems rail so I could bring the scope back to a normal eye relief.
    Nikon M-308 BDC scope.
    Witt Machine MRE (muzzle rise eliminator) brake.
    Boyd's thumbhole stock.
    Ruger bipod.
    Recoil is about equal to an M-16.
    Final weight is 10.2 pounds.
    Sub MOA with Barnes TTSX reloads at 100 yds.

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