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    The other day I had the chance to handle a Ruger 1911 lightweight Commander. I shouldn't have done that cuz now I can't get my mind off of it. I already have the full size and standard (steel on steel) Commander, but I was really surprised at how light it was. One thing I did notice though. The bushing was a little loose when you rack the weapon open and the bushing had quite a little slack (clearance) and when I checked my standard and Commander, they weren't that way. Is that normal? I have a Glock gen 3 19 and an old 1903 Springfield sporter that I could trade and hopefully it won't cost that much. They are asking $699.00. Should I be concerned about the slop in the bushing and do you think it would be a wise trade to get rid of the Glock and Springfield?
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    You just will not learn you can't be going into gun stores. It causes gun buying relapse. I had to quit gun store browsing and reading gun reviews. And quit watching Hickok45 videos.

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    I can't help myself! I am hooked! I am like a heroin addict except I am a Ruger - aholic. It wasn't my fault that the store had it in the counter top. I was innocently looking at some ammo and I heard something call my name. It kept saying: Tommy, over here, over here! I cautiously walked over there and there it was: a lightweight Commander. It ain't right. I tried to tell the manager to get it out of the counter and he did-he handed it to me and from then I felt the hook go in my mouth. Even a fish wouldn't get in trouble if he kept his mouth shut. It just ain't right!!!
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    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...


    It gets worse...

    I go outta my way to look for "off the beaten track" Pawn Shops, when I go to the grocery store to pick up bread...:D:D. I took a back roads turn ,last week on my way home from a wedding.:rolleyes:

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    The bushing was a little loose....

    After reading this post I checked my SR1911 CMD-A against my SR1911 CMD and my SR1911 5" for the bushing slack. My CMD-A, did have the slight slack described by TommyCourt. There was no slack when the slide was 1/8 inch from the end of the muzzle. My SR1911 CMD had less slack with no slack when the slide was 1/8 inch from the muzzle. My SR1911 5" had no slack at all.

    My SR1911 CMD-A shoots better than the stainless CMD. Of the 3 Ruger SR1911 I own, the SR1911 5" is the tightest and most accurate. The new CMD-A Lightweight feels much better in the hand.

    $699.00 is a good price. I paid $25. more in March. My SR1911 CMD-A shoots great even with the slight bushing slack.
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