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Has anyone bought any aftermarket springs for their supper Blackhawk. I have a Supper Blackhawk 44mag and have done some research on trying to lighten the trigger but would like to get some opinions on what # springs to get to replace and where to order them from. Thanks
I bought the Wolff 17/30 trigger kit from MidwayUSA with hammer and trigger spring, however I did NOT install the hammer spring, only the trigger spring as it will increase lock time which is bad for accuracy.

The lighter trigger spring is very nice, although honestly if you wanna do it RIGHT I think a true trigger job from a smith with, gasp, STOCK springs) would be best.

It's the sear that needs polishing and adjusting, not as much the WEIGHT of pull

I don't have a smith nearby who can do it otherwise is go that route.

The trigger spring is a quick and inexpensive mod that does work though, yes.
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