LGS brass find

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    Well, I was in my new LGS (had to find a new one since the move to ID) and back in the corner they've got a table with a buncha used stuff priced cheap. I was looking through it and I found a container marked " 357 nickel cases" I opened it up and it was full of nickel plated .357 mag brasd. They wanted only $8 for it! I bought it along with some other reloading components. I took it home and counted them. 250 nickel cases, and all appear to be once fired. Mostly Winchester headstamp. I decapped and have them soaking in some soapy water now. These will hold me for awhile!
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    That's a great find.

    I like the nickel brass.

    8 bucks...cool.:cool:

    I have a bag of brass , that all the guys cleaned up from my weekend get together, I can hardly pick it up ,
    I'm guessing 40 bs, maybe more, of everything from 38 to 45-70, 460, 303, 30-06, 300 wsm, lots of .223, .40, 45acp, .357, 44 mag, 9mm,

    It will take me all winter just to sort it..:):cool: