Left-handers using the Mark IV

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  1. lashooter

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    Hi all, I just bought a Mark IV Hunter and love it except for one problem. When I shoot it, my finger keeps hitting the magazine eject button and I wind up dropping the magazine. I have a S&W Victory and never experienced this issue, nor on any of my Glocks or SR9. Has any left-hander run into this issue? The button seems to stick out too much. Other than that the gun is fantastic and I want to shoot it, but can't aim straight if I have to worry about dropping the mag.:confused:
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  2. buster40c

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    I have the MKIV and I am LH. I have had no problems like you are experiencing and I always shoot LH.
    I got my MKIV out to see what you are talking about. My trigger finger doesn't come close enough to the release button to cause a release. I can put a pencil thickness at least between my finger and the release button.
    I would have to put most all of my finger into the guard going totally across the trigger in order for my finger or hand to come in contact with the release button.
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  3. Rhmuir

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    Left hander on Mark 4 Lite. No problems
  4. Oldmick

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    Lefty here too. No issues pressing mag catch on my Mark IV Tactical or 2245 while shooting.
  5. robmkivseries70

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    Depends upon your hand size, finger length etc. As a right hander, the knuckle of my right hand index finger gets in the way of the LH thumb safety on the 22/45, Luckily, they sell a washer to substitute in place of the safety. Can you try the other grip frame (22/45 vs. Standard) and see if that helps?