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    I finally bought some large primers. I read about the Lee auto drum powder measuring device and I liked that it could adjust to unlimited desired powder grain adjustments.
    So I got it set up and dialed in at 4 gr. This device has a safety piece to stop double powder charges. It is a very cheesey plastic set up but I figured if it works then I would be fine with it.
    Well I wasn't fine with it. It sucked bad.
    One drop would be 4 gr where I set it and the next drop might be .04 gr or 1 gr or 2.6 gr. If the safety isn't pushed down it will not drop powder so I thought maybe I hadn't released the safety. So I checked and my releasing the safety wasn't the cause of these pitiful powder drop differences. I had to check every round after charging to see how many grains it dropped. I watched the movement of the drum and it didn't move the full travel down to the charge tube every time. I would have loved to call Lee and bee eye zitch but it was around 2 a.m.
    So today I disconnect the cheesey safety device and how about that the powder drops were mostly on 4 gr with an occasional .3 difference. My safety measures take care of powder mistakes and poor primer seating. I size the casing and install the primer then I set the casing on the scale to be sure casing is sitting flat. Then I put casing back in press and powder charge it. I dump the powder from the casing onto the scale to make sure powder drop is within specs. If it is then I put the powder back into the casing. I turn the plate to the die plate to last position and reinstall the casing into the press. I then again put the round back on the scale to see that it is within gross weight of correct loaded round.
    I know that is a lot of steps but it is a great safety check system that works for me. Time I have and a little more time involved is better than a squib or a big bang destroying a gun or damage to myself.
    Anyway I like this Lee drum charger since removing the p poor safety.A turn of the key can change the grain charge drop by tenths of a grain. The disc charger is very limited.
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    I wonder if you have the powder measure die screwed down far enough.
    You must first adjust for full rotor travel.
    You might note:
    1) Auto-Drum Powder Measure ships with a down-stroke verification device installed. This device allows only one activation of the powder measure after the disconnector is pushed. On progressive presses, the disconnector can be automatically activated at the bottom of the stroke by attaching the included bead chain. Once the case reaches the bottom of the stroke most progressives automatically move the case to the next position preventing a double charge.
    2) Insert case into shell holder and raise ram. Thread powder measure and charging die into the press until you feel it stop turning. The slider drop tube will rise to the dispense position. Orient powder measure to convenient position and finger tighten lock ring.

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    All I did was disconnect the safety and then the rotor had full travel dumping the charge it was set for. I still checked every charge and the charges were good to go every time.