Leaving presidents and power changover

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    I remember when Bush left the office to Obama and he said he will say nothing against Obama because that is not the position a leaving president should take.

    Well now let's jump forward 8 years and look at how Bush can't keep his mouth shut now that Trump is president. Bush is slamming Trump and he even is sticking up for the fake news press in saying we need the press to keep those in power in check. Bush sure isn't a tidy wipe now.

    Then Obama stated he was going to keep his two cents out of the change over. Obama isn't done trying to run this country and he dang straight is going to throw every monkey wrench he can find into Trump's attempt at changing gears.

    Isn't it strange how since the house is predominately Republican now that the Democrats are still claiming the power to run it all. I thought that's why the people voted the stinking Democrats out. There in reality isn't a two party system any more. There is in reality just one party and the people only get to be waiters for politicians at the party to have a good time consuming it all. This country is so screwed. Even a blind man can see that now.
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    If you are a democrat then you are still fighting the election results. Try to talk to one and they become tyrants and start hollering and screaming crap that don't mean anything. What ever happened to my 1st amendment rights to think differently. I am a registered Independent and I can't carry on a conversation with any Dems.

    I watched Fox news for a FEW minutes today when Sean Spicer was giving his daily briefing and some "reporter" wanted to know how the Secret Service guarded Trump. Now what the hell kind of question is that? He wanted to know what the difference was between Mira Lago and the White House when it came to security. Spicer said he would NOT answer any question like that and I don't blame him. Spicer explained he had only been in office 6 weeks now and has gotten a lot done. And the question of health care is just beaten to death.
    My wife has an insurance program with the plan F which includes almost all the cost of surguries and when we started out, the premium was $125.00. Now that program has escalated to almost $500.00 per month. She has to get 2 shots per month which cost $4300.00 per shot. Thank God for her insurance or I would be in debtors prison. Maybe that ain't a bad idea cuz you get 3 hots and a cot and the government pays for it. My meds cost me about $300.00 per month and that's out of my pocket, yet we let illegals come in and receive benefits that we all pay for with OUR tax money. IMO it just don't work out!


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    Ill just give my opinion....

    When a president leaves the office.

    If he has any dignity and any respect for the office, he will go on with his life, and keep his opinions to himself.

    Unless ....unless....its to help the new guy and the country ,then he may speak softly on it.

    That's pretty much the way its always been,

    Until now.

    btw , Tommy, many people commit crimes , to get arrested, so they can get free healthcare, same as the illegals coming here for free healthcare, but not you and your wife....how upside down is that?:rolleyes:

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    Well you all just watch the worst is coming soon and you can bet Trump will be blamed for it all. The Federal Reserve can't keep punching the $ key to put money into the system with absolutely nothing backing the numbers. While Obama will be hollering it is all Trumps doing. While Obama the debt builder still will claim that he left the country better off now than when he took office.

    Obamacare is doing such a sucky job keeping healthcare affordable that I now get $20 a month less on my SS each month because my Medicare costs went up. Thank goodness I am not on any prescription drugs or I would be eating franks and beans every day.