Lcrx 45/410!

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by greg_r, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. greg_r

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    Not really, but wouldn't it be neat?

    I shot the Taurus model 85 ploymer alongside the Ruger LCRX last week. Both had their attributes. The Ruger just seemed like more quality overall, but the Taurus was not bad. The Ruger was noticibly lighter in weight and had a better trigger. The Taurus had a fiber optic front sight, which made it easier on my eyes, and I liked the 3 finger grip.

    The gent who had the Taurus, also had a Taurus polymer Public defender in 45/410. I only shot 5 rounds of slugs through it. The range we were shooting at forbids shot shells. But I shot a couple of cylinders of 45 Colt. The 45's were pretty accurate.

    Ruger needs to introduce the LCRX in 45/410 to compete with the Taurus. I know the Taurus Judge is a popular handgun. I think there would be a market.

    Back to Taurus, they need to make the 85 polymer with a 3 or 4 inch barrel. Wonder how it would compare to the LCRX3?
  2. VThillman

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    Greg, you suckered me with that subject line. I think a LCRx needs a 6" barrel for 45/410, just to hold it down some. That would make the gun about a foot long, and require a scabbard for a holster. Hah. Loaded with number 7½ or 8 shot it would do a helluva job on snakes, long as they would wait for the draw.


  3. Oldhand

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    Taurus has the Judge, S&W has the Governor, Ruger should have a counterpart.
  4. greg_r

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    Disingenuous of me wasn't it. :)

    My opinion is the short barrels are better. Less time for the rifling to affect the shot. My H&R Survivor 45/410 is a good 20 - 25 yard gun though. Of course it has a straight rifled choke tube to stop the spin of the shot column.
  5. buster40c

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    Well I guess a 45/410 in an LCRx wouldn't be worse than an LCRx 357 magnum. I have shot an Taurus 85 and the Judge and both had the worst triggers of any gun I ever shot. Both needed a tow truck to pull the triggers.
  6. greg_r

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    I have little desire to shoot a full house 357 in any gun that weighs much less than the GP100. Smaller guns are for 38 spl, 327 Federal, 44spl and 45 Colt.

    The LCRX definitely has the better trigger. I still own a pre hammer safety M85. It's my token Taurus. It actually has a pretty nice trigger. I briefly owned a 85 Polymer Protector, the white one with zombie green grips. I bought it for carry over the LCR because it had an exposed hammer. I prefer a hammer on my revolvers. I traded it for the LCRX when it became available. I recall it had a pretty heavy DA pull, but a decent single action pull.

    No way would I trade my Ruger for a Taurus, But I do find the Taurus line of polymer revolvers interesting.