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  1. spacepiggy

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    My LCR 357 requires a sight picture which puts most of the front blade above the rear sight to place shots in the center of target at 15 yards. I'm using 357 158gr rounds.

    Attached is the sight picture from the LCR manual page 25. The red arrow is the "traditional" view, top of the blade even with the top of the rear sight as recommended by Ruger. The yellow box and arrow represent the view to place shots in the center of the circle. The blade extends well above the gap.

    Of course the sights are completely unadjustable. One option I have considered is grind off the top of the front sight.

    I was wondering what others experience with their LCRs?

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  2. lefty60

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    Try shooting those loads at 25 yards, then get back to us.

    Your gun with those loads is NOT sighted in for 15 yds.

    Just my not so humble opinion ;)

  3. buster40c

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    My LCR 357 is the same sighting as yours and I am at about 11 yards away. I can't really get consistent shots but with me the short sight radius is rough for me. I can still get most in the dead zone but tight pattern is not happening for me. I do so much better with a 4 or 5" barrel sighting. I have seen reviews of women shooting the LCR and just nailing the target. I just think WTH am I doing wrong.
    I guess I just need do a lot more serious practice to get better with the LCR. I have painted the sights with GLO-ON and on the front sight I did paint it a little bit down from top of blade.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Same thing with mine. That is when I can hit the target.:D

    I have only tried 158 gr. Fed magnums in it. Only fired it a few times. Might dig it out and try some +P .38spls in it. But I have 3 other snub .38 spls to shoot. It's a magnum. Gotta shoot magnums out of it, right?

    Even though the DA trigger is better than most, it is still kinda hard to control. The muzzle blast in confined areas is pretty bad. I had not fired a gun in an indoor range in a long time, like 20 years and I took this gun to one with a buddy of mine. After we fired it a few times, we had people in the other slots in the range come and see what the hell we were shooting. My buddy only fired it twice and said he didn't want to shoot it again. He had wanted to buy one, but decided not to. I found it to be a great carry guna dnd has the power needed for close range defense. At close range, it has enough accuracy to get in the kill zone. It also weighs much less than the other 2-3 inch snubs that are available. Might help if I try some lighter weight bullets in .357 mag.
  5. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I target shoot with just 38 special wad cutters and the recoil isn't anything like the +P or the 357 mag ammo. I carry it for SD loaded with 357. I figure there is less than a percent of a percent that I will ever have to use it for SD but the power is there if needed. I bought the gun because I wanted the safety, trigger action, and reliability of the LCR. The trigger is best of any DAO in a revolver that I have ever had.