LCR 357 first shooting

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by buster40c, Mar 31, 2013.

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    I first have to say this little revolver has the best DAO trigger of any revolver I have ever shot. I just really suck at shooting it.
    With that said I don't understand why I am shooting so poorly with it. Almost every shot way way low not even on the paper 1' square. This is from 11 yards, but I should be on the paper at least every time. I left a cylinder empty to watch for anticipated recoil drop. I don't see a drop, and even dry firing it seems I stay pretty close center target with no noticeable drop or side movement. This gun does have an awesome trigger.
    Gun instructions says shoot at 6 O'clock and that is what I am doing.
    I get about same results if shooting 357 or 38+P or 38 special. I am open to suggestions here. I saw Hickok45 ringing the gong at 80 yrds with this gun. LOL I am not expecting to shoot even close to his accuracy skills, but it does show me the gun is capable of being pretty darn accurate. I also saw a woman shooting this gun, and she was also fairly accurate with it.
    I am glad I got the .357 version as I can imagine that the super light 38+P version would be more than what I would want to handle. Ok I am a wussy. LOL there I said it.
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    If your shots are just low and not all over the place I would suggest you aim for center instead of 6 O'clock. See where that gets you. You may also need to see a little more of the front sight through the rear. You will need to figure how to hold and practice until it's second nature.
    Trust me, Hickok 45 is a great shot, but even he has to adjust to every new gun he shoots at the compound. He seems to do it very quickly on the fly, but I bet he does a bit of practice off camera before they roll.