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LCR 22LR Trigger Pull

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Can anyone tell me what is the trigger pull on an LCR 22LR
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I read that the average is 12LB trigger pull on the LCR 22lr. One post said his kids couldn't hardly handle that 12LB so he was selling it. I have read also there are kits available for them. The post also said the LCR 38 had a trigger pull of around 8lb. It said the 22lr was no comparison to the 38 sp trigger. I have an LCR 357 and I like the trigger very much.
I have tried the LCR 22 trigger, The LCR 38 is known for its awesome trigger, which your not gonna get on the LCR 22.

I can tell you that of all the .22 cal revolvers out there that Ive tried, it has the best trigger.

Rimfire takes a lot more force than centerfire to ignite the primer, so the hammer spring on all .22s is a lot stronger, therefore a heavier trigger.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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