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I just bought over the weekend a new LCR in .22 LR and had a chance on Monday to take it to the range. Only took a couple types of ammo as time was limited but mainly wanted to get used to trigger to see how this fired. Was pleased with accuracy at distances of 20-50 feet and quickly discovered that with both types of ammo that I had to hold at bottom of bull to keep shots in black. Rapid fire was not so good as I was still getting used to trigger. When. I have more time I will take several types of ammo and sample a few more brands. I like this revolver a lot and expect a lot of use for various roles.

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Congrats on the LCR.

I have it in .38, and its got one of the best triggers of anyrevolver ,outta the box.IMO.

I tried a LCR in.22 ,and the trigger is heavier, but not as heavy as most .22 revolvers.
Like you said,harder impact needed for rimfire, therefore heavy hammer springs

Id be interested, if the trigger gets lighter after some serious shooting.

Nice gun you got.

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