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  1. louchia

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    Had an unexpected problem at the range. The take down pin on my lcp backed all the way out. The slide flew about 5 ft forward. The guide rod and the recoil springs landed bout 20 ft down range. Had to get help and back everyone off in order to retrieve my parts.
    Called Rugar and found that they have had a number of calls regarding this. They are sending me a new pin, guide rod and springs. If problem happens again I'll have to send it in.If the hole that receives the pin is out of round, as some have been they will replace the gun.
    Ay one else have the same problem?
  2. RogerRuger

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    Yes I had this problem. Got a new pin. Later had additional problems and Ruger replaced the LCP with a new one.

  3. arizonite

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    Several years ago I had a Keltec P3AT, they have a common problem of the pin starting to back out, on their website it mentions a fix by making a small groove in the pin for the retainer spring to hold on to. I parted company with mine as it was very uncomfortable to my trigger finger in shooting it.
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    I just bought an lcp. So far everything functions as it should. I have learned to use a short small screwdriver to remove the takedown pin safely. I will be firing this one in about a week. There have been multiple problems with the take down pin shearing off, but not affecting the function. I would bet that is why the engineering on the new EC 9s take down pin. I have been viewing all videos on problems with the lcp, and honestly, I think Ruger should have really done more work on this gun to not have all these probs. I have an EC9s and it is a total winner. I will just keep fixing any problems that come up and use the lcp as my emergency bedside gun for now. A word to ruger...fix the problems and I will gladly buy the new gun with all the glitches fixed>>>>
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    I now have an LCP II. Rugar sent me an updated version of the take down pin which seemed to solve that problem. However, after 1000 or so rounds, a crack developed in the metal frame insert. Sent it in to Ruger and asked them if they could replace it with a II. Surprisingly they did a no up charge. I now have at least 2000 rnds thru my II with no issues.
    I Love Ruger CS.
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    I had heard about that problem all the way back when the original LCP came out and was a tad leary about getting the EC9 with essentially the same take down design. However when I did my research I discovered Ruger built a door to prevent the pin from ever coming out unless the door was down.

    Surprisingly the new LCPII does not have that built in door. And you can't shoot +P out of it, although SAMII doesn't even recognize +P in the .380 a.c.p. but never the less some boutique ammo manufactures do make some.

    But I have heard it's the same trigger as the S9 is using which is suppose to be real good.
    I suppose it remains to be seen how long they hold up.