LCP - change To 13lb Springs

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Gonsilla, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Gonsilla

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    I was talking to a guy who bought a Performance Pack of springs - 11, 12, 13 lb Springs. Ruger's std spring is 9lb. 13lb Spring did cut back on some recoil but not enough to make her friendly...;). The gun was perfectly reliable either way.

    Has anyone else tried this ? Recoil reduction ? Reliability ? How many rounds have you run through spring ?
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  2. bikeride4fun

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    I am running the Galloway 13 lb spring and ss rod. I have ran about 100 rounds through it since.....I really like it. I didnt really install it for recoil.....I installed it so the slide would snap back fast so any ammo would run through it.....

  3. refugee

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    changed mine a long time ago and never looked back. for one thing it keeps my brass in the county I am shooting in, also slows the slide down a little so as to wear less. hasn't hurt function in the least. don't remember how much difference it made in recoil, that wasn't important to me. not a range gun anyway, just for backup or deep concealment. put 50 through her once in a while just to remind myself.
  4. SweetPea10

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    Just had my GP reduced power hammer spring installed yesterday - got my first ever dead center shot with my LCP. Also added TractionGrips and love the feel of them. Next I'm going to add the recoil springs and compare with and without.
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    I am still on the fence. Right now, the damn thing recoils too much to conduct too much testing but shoots straight and reliablely.

    If it ain't broke, kinda wondering why I'm trying to fix it.

    I have laser to correct hump n bump sighting system. I was hoping for after market extended mags so we can actually get ahold of it.

    Is the 13 lb spring too strong ? Is there any peening on the frame ? Springs are a precarious balance and tuned to the load you are using. 45 reloaders use everything from 12lb springs up to 24lb - load dependent.
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