LCP 380 ammo question

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    Concerning 380 ammo only. I pack jacketed hollowpoints (JHP) for EDC self defense. But I heard they don't penetrate deep enough and that full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds should be used (which I use at the range). Any comments on this?
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    ummm, .380 isn't rimfire. ;)

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    Don't believe everything you "hear" .
    A 380 jacketed hollow point will penetrate deep enough to use as self's what they were designed to do !
    Hornady 90 gr. XTP JHP penetrated-
    4 layers Denham cloth and 14 1/2 inches ballistic jell .

    Winchester 95 gr. RN FMJ penetrated
    4 layers Denham cloth 19 inches ballistics jell, 2 one gallon jugs of water and lodged in the wooden stand frame

    Winchester 95 gr. Flat Point FMJ penetrated-
    4 layers Denham cloth , 19 inches ballistics jell and one and one half one gallon jugs of water.

    Now I'm a fairly big guy , six feet , one inch and 215 pounds....I just measured from front to back of my torso, and added an inch... and that came to 14 inches from front to back. Seems 14 1/2 inches is about perfect for front to back penetration .
    I would say that Hornady HP ammo would have to hit a solid bone not to exit and the penetration is spot on unless you want to kill the bad guy and his buddy standing behind him.
    Over penetration is actually more of a concern .
    Use the Hornady 90 grain XTP , or something similar, with confidence the bullet will penetrate and not over penetrate...I've watched the tests
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    Tests aren’t the same as experience. There are documented cases in Pennsylvania trooper and Delaware state troopers regarding JHP in 9mm. One case was regarding a perpetrator in the winter when five shots hit him and only one went through far enough to stop him. Hence the reason that DE troopers went to 357sig today. FMJ is a better penetrator but doesn’t expand as well but unless you live in Florida where everyone wears a tee shirt, with a weak 380-stick with the FMJ. Honestly, you ought to go bigger with 9mm or 38special +P in a revolver for carry.
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    There's a lot of different view points about 380 ammo for self defense. Personally I think it's adequate. But you may want to check out the Ruger ARX ammo made by Polycast. I use it as my defense ammo in both my LCP and my LC9s. I think it's pretty impressive.
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    I believe you'll find the licensing agreement for this ammo has expired. Looked at this initially but nothing I saw swayed me away from my usual choices. Got a few boxes of each of the ARX offerings just to shelve though.
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    I load ARX and Hornady defense every other round. Best of both worlds. Multiple rounds of each in the chest should stop the bad guy. IMG_20180606_083123-01.jpeg
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