LCP 2 - First range visit

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by Spotly, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Spotly

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    I have a Kimber Micro that a local smith was able to fix even though Kimber wasn't (after 3 visits to Yonkers!). But sad to say, I've lost faith in the pretty little gun and don't see re-bonding until its seen some more flawless range visits. But I really prefer a pocket pistol on some occasions when my edc is just too much to conceal or I'm just stepping over to the grocery store to grab some bread.

    I've read quite a few glowing reviews for the LPC (and 2) and thought I'd give it a shot :) At less that $300, seemed like not too much of a gamble.

    I took it to the pit for the first time today. It went through the first 2 magazines flawlessly and was pretty accurate for such a short barrel. Not too surprising as the Micro was a little tack driver too.

    ...then I got an FTE - no biggie, but after clearing the gun and reloading, no click or bang. I checked that the slide was fully forward and it was. I ejected the round and chambered another, same thing - no click, no bang. Hmmm. I field stripped it and best I could tell, all looked fine.

    I found that pointing the gun straight ahead and dry firing, the trigger goes all the way back without releasing the hammer, but if I point the gun straight up it will release the hammer. Something must have broke or came loose. Another thing, and I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it - dry firing many times prior to taking it for a spin and though the first few mags, I didn't make any special "focus" or anything, just point and shoot normally...after it broke though, the trigger safety seems rather demanding on finger placement. I really have to concentrate on squaring my finger to the trigger face to get it to release - pretty sure it was more forgiving prior to the issue.

    My new gun is sitting on a shelf at the gun smith but I'm not too put off by it. The guy will make it flawless at an ok cost.
  2. buster40c

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    I would have called Ruger and had it repaired for free. I would be surprised if your gunsmith does repairs free. You seem to have a run of bad luck with guns.

  3. Spotly

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    It is true, I've had a run of back luck with the .380 for sure. My other guns are perfect though - just too big for a pocket :)

    I called Ruger and let them know about the issue at least, but elected to get it fixed locally due to being in the process of selling the house and moving. My local guy will have it running perfect and back in my pocket by next permitting.
  4. SavageGuy

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    Hmm. Bummer. Never fun when a new gun doesn't work.
  5. louchia

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    Not to belabor the point, but I would have called Ruger. Their turn around is , in my experience, is about 10 days. They would send the gun back to you at whatever address you want. Shipping on their end is decided after repairs are made.
  6. nickndfl

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    They updated the LCP, but made it bigger and improved the guts. I like my original with a couple of easy modifications. It's always works, but is no range princess for sure.