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I purchased 2 Ruger LC9s (one for the wife, one for me) and decided on the following laser and flashlight from 2 different companies.

Flashlight: Viridian Reactor TL and holster (from Viridian web site $119.00).
Laser: Armalaser TR9 (eBay $118.75)

I wanted a flashlight instead of a laser because my night sight is getting worse every year. The Viridian line has lasers (both red and green) but also a flashlight. All three have ECR technology - they can be turned on and then inserted into the special holster and they turn off. Once you grab the weapon out of the holster, the light comes back on. Interesting concept...but the actual on/off button is so damn small it's very difficult to turn the light on or off. So if you are in a situation where you don't want the light on to give away your position, you will be like a lighthouse till you get it turned off. Otherwise, I'm happy with the purchase. (I am thinking of gluing a button or something to the rubber covered switch to be able to turn it off when I need to). The flashlight also has an ON or PULSE mode, controlled with the on/off button.

The wife wanted a laser...and she saw ArmaLaser that she really liked at the Tampa Gun show a week ago. I ordered it from eBay for the same price (but got an extra 2 batteries for it free). The ArmaLaser TR9 has a contact switch that sits at the bottom of the trigger guard, so when you grip your weapon, the laser comes on. Works great...and moving your finger just a bit will turn off the laser without causing you to drop the weapon. There is also an on/off switch at the bottom of the housing.
I'll have to get her to zero in the laser as I've always had 'shaky hands'...when I went to zero it, I could not keep it still enough to figure out if what I was shooting at via the sights was where the bullet ended up versus where the laser was sitting.

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