Lc9s front sight issue.

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    I have posted this issue before my problem with my front sight has shifted to the left an 1/8 of an inch at least. Talked with Ruger and they won't send a new slide and have me send the old one back. I know for a fact people used to get the slide sent to them and they would send the old one in. They said it would be 2 to 3 weeks and I will not be without my everyday carry gun for almost a month. Has anyone ever fixed on themselves because I believe that's my only option at this point. I'm a huge Ruger fan but this was pretty disappointing, the lady told me they never send the slide first when I have seen for myself that people received the slide and sent it back. I'm going to send another email just to let them know I'm kind of shocked, the money I have spent with this company not just in firearms but clothes, hats, sweatshirts, and they think I'm going to keep the old slide too?!? I don't know like finding out Santa clause isn't real!

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    I have not had the problem but I know someone who did with a different manufacturers him.

    He bought a sight adjustment tool on eBay or amazon. He repositioned the sight.

    He told me he learned how to use tool while watching a YouTube video on installing Talon sights. I can't remember what he paid for the tool but I remember it was very inexpensive.

    I watched the YT video on installing Talon on the LC9. How to use tool is shown on the video.
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    I took a towel and pot 2 layers on the front sight. Then I took a very small flathead, then every so lightly tapped it, it only took 2 tiny taps to get it repositioned. Now I can push it a 1/16 to either side so I'm sure when I go to the range it's going to go to either side an 1/8 again. I may replace it with some nights sights or just take it off and use a pin drop of J. B Weld and set it as close to center as possible and adjust the rear, then just sight in the viridian laser. Kind of disappointing with my favorite co. Oh well what can you do, stop buying a shirt a shirt or all the other stuff I buy from them every month like I have been. I know that's sonical oh well
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    It does not seem unreasonable that they would want the old slide before sending a new one. They are not refusing to repair it... it might be an inconvenience for you but now you have a excellent reason to get a backup gun!
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    As you know your sight is not tight enough.
    What you or Ruger does not know is whether the sight is undersized or the slide is oversize.

    It is not unreasonable for Ruger to want the parts in-hand to find out what's wrong.
    As a matter of fact, it's the right way to go about fixing it.....

    Ruger has the best customer support, you should take advantage of it.
    (And leave the JB Weld in the tube)!