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  1. Try both thumbs forward it will improve your shot groups with a Semi-Auto pistol.
  2. Ruger LC9 is a nice pocket pistol to carry for self-defense its no target pistol, the practice should be on 7-yard -21' target try the keep your group golf ball size a two-handed grip with both thumbs forward not downward like shooting a revolver your groups will start tightening up with thumbs forward grip. Try it, Load her up and let it rip tater chip.
    My friend Howard will talk you thru the Grip here:

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    Hello and welcome OP! I have the EC9 striker fired version, and other than the sights being tough to use, they still work okay. At least I can see light on both sides of the front sight, while viewing through the rear.

    Honestly, seeing the distance to where I would expect to use this pistol anyways, I tend to shoot it from 5-15 yards only, and I am getting pretty good at just leveling the top of the slide at the 6 O'clock, and letting fly. I keep them centered that way, and don't waste time trying to line up those tiny sights on mine.
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  4. The average shooting with handguns takes place at 0-21 ' 0-7 yards Practice at 21' when you can keep your shot group the size of a golf ball at 7 yards 21' You will find the front sight focus will tighten the group up . I do 7-yard drills 3 shots into the circle the size of a golf ball . I draw acquire the front sight focus & fire 3 shots as fast as I can the goal is keeping the shots in the circle. You can use a .22 LR to do this drill the results will be the same with any caliber handgun once you have the muscle memory and the drill becomes a natural reaction.
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    I just got the slide of my LC9s black Cerakoted to cut down on rust when I carry concealed. Plus it just looks nicer.
    I'd like to get the barrel nitrided B/C I shoot this pistol regularly and it would cut down on wear.

    BTW, for a carry pistol with the typically short sight radius and typically "Holy Shit" scenarios of use I highly recommend using a laser sight. Even with a hip shot you will hit your target every time the laser dot is on it. No need to "aim" with the sights - if you even had the time.
    Crimson Trace makes the best laser sight I've seen for the LC9 series. My LaserMax went tits up this year.
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