LC9s, B-day Gift

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    Kinda late posting on this one. Got lost last month due to being gone too long. Got back on thanks to Fido and the Admins. Pickings were kinda slim at the gunshows in May & June. So, noting to report on. However , it was my B-day in June and the wife said, "Ya wanna buy a gun?" Duh???? No brainer.....staight to the nearest ACademy Sports 50 miles away.

    I had been missing my old LC9 that I got used last year. Gave it to my son fo use at his business. Looked at pocket .380s like the LCP, but I have found them just a bit small although very easy to carry. I had been using a like new Kahr CW45 since I gave away my LC9. I just stumbled on it used at a show. Some old guy and his wife wanted to sell it cause she didn't like he recoil and could not rack the slide. It fits in my IWB for he LC9, kinda tight. It works, but is still kinda heavy once it is laoed. I also like to carry the LC9 sans a holster at times in my pocket. It's thinner, lighter, recoilis o.k. with me, and ammo is much less than .380s. They did not have the other 2 models at the Academy or even the LC380. I liked the lighter trigger and it also had no loaded chamber indicator like the old one. I could live without that. Didn't really like the Gluckish trigger safety thingy that it has and it also had the manual safety which I do not use.

    Just took it out of the box and swabbed ther bore. Took it out back and fired a few rounds at a standard Pancho El Cheapo 15" pizza box targer. I have advanced glaucoma, so guilt edge accuracy is out of the question. Anyway, it was adequate for me with some low bucks Fed. 115 gr. aluminum case ammo. Haven't had s chance to fire it much since then.


    Just stuck 5 rounds of the cheapo ammo in it. Fired at 10 feet by a blind person. Cloudy day, that didn't help either.


    Gun at the bottom left here. Comparted to a Taurus PT99 at top, a SW40VE, and the Kahr CW45.

  2. havasu

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    Damn Pancho, nice to see you finally made your way back in here!

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    Now I know Pancho is back... pizza box targets..:D

    Hey ..if that pizza box had been a BG, he'd be in a world of hurt.:)

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    Yep bad guy would have had one in the head and four in the center chest. He would have been laying down.
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    I'm with ya on that selection there Pancho. My hands to big for the .380.
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    Congrats on the new pistola! That LC9S-Pro is an awesome pistol!
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    I bought one over Easter @ $250. Could not justify $450 for a Glock 43.