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    So I just got a new LC9s last week. So exciting! Can anyone advise me on what brand of ammo they like best to put through this firearm or maybe which ammo to stay away from? Does it matter if I use brass, aluminum etc for practicing? Of course I would need the least expensive for very much practice. Also, why would Ruger just provide one magazine with the firearm? I have read that the ProMag magazine does not feed or eject well and is not worth the savings over the Ruger brand mag. Any leads on where to pick up a couple of magazines at a fair price? Thanks for any advice to this newby.:confused::confused:
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    I have been a Lc9 and LC9s owner since each version came out. I really love the S version.

    When it comes to magazines my experience was the Promag was awful. But finding bargain Ruger magazines was almost impossible. The gun is extremely popular so OEM mags are in demand and discounts are hard or impossible to find. I bit the bullet and bought the least expansive ones I could find. Turned out that they were on eBay. I bought two so I have and carry three magazines.

    I broke the gun in with maybe 1,000 rounds of FMJ. I carried Hornady Self Defense until I learned about the new dynamic designed bullets. They exceed the performance of hollow points. They meet FBI penetration standards just as good hollow points do. But better benefit of them is that they create a permanent wound channel that is twice the size of hollow points.

    It is both penetration and permanent wound channel that define the efficacy of the bullet.

    I am certain that you will get recommendations from others for a variety of hollow point rounds. However, I am also certain that they are inferior to the ammo I am about to recommend. I say that based upon having watched dozens of performance reviews on YouTube including comparisons of my choice of round and hollow points.

    Search YouTube for both Lehigh and Underwood Extreme Defender. There are many reviews. Watch them. They are convincing. In some of them the reviewers say they are changing to these rounds after carrying hollow points as a SD round.

    The ammo is available in standard 9mm Luger and +P and +P+. The LC9s is not constructed to shoot +P+.

    Do not confuse Defender with Penetrator. That is a high penetration round that Is too heavy for SD. I have some to load when I am hiking in black bear lands near me.

    The ammo I recommend is amazing. It had fantastic penetration even after going through barriers of all types. It is amazing.

    Finally please realize that you life could depend not only on your gun of choice but also on your ammo of choice. Trust that the FBI recommendation that penetration and permanent wound channel size are critical factors when shooting 9mm.

    I use Underwood Xtreme defense +P because the shorter barrel of the LC9s needs a boost to achieve best velocity. This ammo defies the weight + velocity rule because of the dynamic design of the bullet. It uses dynamic force to beat the old rule.

    For target practice I shoot Winchester 90 gratin FMJ to match the bullet weight of my carry round.

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    Different guns like different ammo. Your gun will tell you what ammo it likes best. Gotta try a few out and see what shoots accurately for your practice ammo. I'm not that picky. I like Federal fmj in the dark red 100 round box at Wal-Mart (about $24), and Magtech is my favorite fmj but costs a little more. A lot of the LC9 guys on here carry Hornady Critical Defense. I do too. The performance of the bullet when it hits the target is more important than pinpoint accuracy when you're looking for a carry round. Federal HST, Hydra-shok, Remington Golden Sabre, CCI Gold Dot, are all premium rounds with proven bullet designs. Try them and see what shoots best in your gun. And after you choose one of them shoot several boxes through your gun to make sure it won't jam before you trust it for your carry ammo.

    As for mags, watch for sales at sporting goods stores. Also, if you have farm stores in your area watch their ads too. Be prepared to spend $40. The Italian made Ruger brand mags are fantastic and are worth the money. $40 seems like a lot but you'll be using the mag for many years so if you average the cost over 10 years its not that expensive.
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    My Lc9s pro likes my reloads, but that's probably not a very big help to you because I don't sell my reloads . The only other ammo I've put through it was a few mags of remington umc, which ran fine.