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    I bought my 10-22 in 2010. I had always wanted a DSP. One thing about a 10-22...you can do as much or as little as you like to it, and it will be greatly satisfactory. :)The first thing I did was improve the trigger pull, which could lift my ~ 6 lb puppy off the floor by his harness. He thought it was great fun. I replaced the regular hammer with (I think) a Volquartsen Target Hammer, which lowered the pull to 2 3/4 lbs. While it was all apart, in the True Spirit of Never Leaving Well-Enough Alone,:rolleyes: I added a bolt buffer, and modified the bolt release, smoothed the inside of the receiver, lightly polished some internal parts and radiused the bolt like a post on Rimfire Central showed. A whetstone for flat, 200 grit wet or dry abrasive to start, then polish with 400 grit and oil, and it will feed everything from subsonic to Velocitor. I didn't radius it as radically as the article suggested. I added a skeletonized, larger bolt handle, because my large hands find it more comfortable. Once it was back together it has had Weaver Rimfire Classic scopes.... a 4X and the 2.5 -7X28 on it, which have been excellent. Happy, thank you!:)
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    Like to see some pictures of that little carbine.
  4. Looks good Marine Welcome Home Brother I like the Iron sights you put on it, the Ruger 10 /22 has come a long way since 1964 when it first hit the market, I was 12 years old then and they were about 55 dollars back then I had saved my money up Cutting Grass, Picking Apples, Bailing Hay and I purchased one, In fact, I killed my first Deer with it delivering a single headshot between his eyes at about 30 yards he dropped like a stone, back then you could hunt with a rimfire there was no game law that said you could not use rim fire These laws vary from state to state, I still use the .22 LR 10/22 to kill Feral Hogs & Coyotes in my Eradication Business as well as other firearms and calibers but I have put down very Large Feral Hogs & Wild Boar with a single shot to the head at ranges from 30 - 75 Yards it's my favorite cartridge for dispatching them in a trap I use an old Ruger Standard .22 Pistol and it also puts them down without a problem its not the caliber of the gun its placing the shot in the right place. My friend Brian Quacka AKA Pig Man killed a Feral Hog with a Gamo pellet rifle .
  5. I have several 10/22 rifles and I have just purchased a Fab Defense Stock M4 Pro R10 /22 for the Standard Barrel, a Ruger BX Trigger and topped it off with a Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4x24mm SFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated Duplex Dot I had on old 30mm scope ring mount for an AR-15 to get above the front sight so its a little high sitting on the 10/22 rail mount that comes with the FAB Defense Stock. I wanted a 10/22 I could use in low light conditions around a Feeding Bait Station for Feral Hogs about 50 yards from a ladder stand the feeding area is surrounded by green motion censored lights called Kill Lights when a Pig enters the Kill Zone the green light silhouettes them and you just place the red dot in the center of the cross-hair on the pigs head and fire if you are quick you can make several Hits on the pigs skulls and score more than one pig . But if you use a nonlighted cross-hair in low light the black crosshair can't be seen on a Black Pigs Head I do have a 10 / 22 with night vision and use it also but have had more success with the Kill Lights mounted on 5' metal fence posts . No battery problems either as the light are solar charged. But this new 10/22 looks promising I have already killed 10 Pigs in the past 3 weeks only going out about twice a week to sit in the stand. I took ( 9 ) 200 pounds Larger Boar & ( 1 ) small sow about 80 pounds she was field dressed and was taken to the processor, the boar went to the Ditch for the buzzards and coyotes to eat . Does Anyone here hunt large dangerous game like the Feral Pigs, Gators, Coyotes with a Ruger 10/22? Lite, Accurate, Dependable, Low Recoil allows for quick engagement and sight picture of other Animals in the Kill Zone.
  6. I want one of these 10/22 Charger pistols but they are sold out everywhere I go .
  7. Nope, nothing wrong with that I still have the 1964 mdl. I purchased for 55 bucks when I was 12 years old. It still shoots well when my Grandson turns 12 it will be his but I think I will put a new barrel on it for him. That one has a Blue Million Rounds thru it. But it has been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned of all carbon and lead deposits I have found that Mercury removes lead from barrels fowled with lead. stopper one end of the barrel fill with mercury in a syringe stopper the other end wear rubber gloves let it sit for 24 hours pour mercury into a jar then strain lead from the mercury into another jar put a lid on it mark it as hazardous waste and dispose of it at a recycling center tell them it contains mercury and they will dispose of it for you.
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