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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by buster40c, May 12, 2017.

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    The TV sitcom Last Man Standing has been cancelled even thought it was the second highest rated family sitcom on ABC. I liked the show and I often wondered how Tim Allen got away with putting his outspoken conservative ideals on the show. Well it seems he will not be doing that anytime soon, at least not on Last Man Standing.
    This just goes to show he was right when he said you either go along with the others or you get beat up. This just shows what we get to see on TV is decided by those behind the veils. It sure wasn't because the show was lacking in viewer ratings and losing money for the network.
    I just shake my head when a night talk show host can make lewd remarks about Trump dealing with Putin and he hasn't been removed as talk show host. No, he makes comment bring it on Trump. This country has been bought and paid for lock, stock and barrel. Like has been said, he who controls the money controls everything.
    Then we get to see these lewd sorry talk show hosts run their mouths and don't even get their wrists slapped.
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    This just ticks me off. It's literally the only show on tv we enjoy! I hope and pray Netflix or someone picks it up!

  3. havasu

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    I agree. The libtards are doing everything in their power to shut us out from really good, honest comedy.
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    I'm amazed that Tim Allen got away with doing that show for as long as he did!
    Now that the libtards are fighting to remain relevant, I'm thinking he was too much of a risk.

    Can you imagine what would've happened to late night TV hosts if they went at Obama the same way they've been trashing Trump?
    I watch just enough to see the latest propaganda they're pushing. I can't tolerate it very long. :puker:
    We were watching Designated Survivor till they told us 85% of us want more background checks!
    I pretty much can't watch TV anymore, propaganda everywhere!

    There is hope, it's what got Trump elected you know.
    Not that he was all that great or even any good, he just wasn't one of them...
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    Last Man Standing had a good run. I think it survived so long because the writers managed to provide a little ambiguity. The 'libtard' Protectors Of Humanity, being at least as prejudiced as the rest of us, read just enough Archy Bunker into Allen's role to remain in doubt for awhile; the good watcher ratings helped.

    I try to keep in mind that network TV is owned, at the end of the day, by 1%ers. Ideology is less important than $$ to most of them; their attention to the left is, I think, strictly monetary.

    Buster, if you were filthy rich, you'd understand.
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    I don't have to be filthy rich to understand what drives evil people. Sorry VT but even if I was filthy rich I still wouldn't be evil. I have been reading about the 13 families and no I couldn't fit in with them.
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    Same reason, Andy and Barney and Mayberry, coudn't possibly be shown as prime time these days..

    It aint liberal and filthy enough.

    The filth loving people in this country have done outnumbered the decent ones.
    Just IMHO.

  8. Tommycourt

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    Since when did vulgarity become a part of comedy. Jackie Gleason, Carol Burnett, Sid Cesar, and many more starts did not exercise vulgarity in their skits and parts of it was "belly laughing". You laughed so hard that your tummy hurt. I refuse to watch late night TV due to that fact. The libs all tell what Trump is what they believe is wrong, yet NO ONE has given him credit for what he has done right and fulfilled his campaign promises. I am tired of the medial getting so one word carries a totally different significance to what was really spoken. How sad our society is today.