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What's the best brand of laser to mount on my SR9c?
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I don't have a SR9c but I have a SR40c and a Crimson Trace laser on it and love it.
I have LaserMax lasers, ArmaLasers, and Crimson Trace Lasers.they all work great, but the Crimson Trace and Armalaser are "instant on" where the LaserMax has an "ON" switch. You put a laser on a handgun for instant use in a high stress/panic situation. High stress/panic makes people do strange things. I want a laser that comes on without thinking about it. Fumbling for the "ON" switch, when your finger needs to be on the trigger could be tragic, and could cost you your life. My LCP and LC9 were both equipped with LaserMax lasers. I have replaced both with Crimson Trace lasers. The extra $30-40 the CT costs over the LaserMax could be the difference between your life, or tragedy. ArmaLaser doesnt make a laser yet for the SR9c. Crimson Trace does. Put a Crimson Trace on your SR9c.
Thank you very much !!! Crimson Trace it is!!
I like the CT only reason i dont have one yet is the holsters not the price..I just really dont want to buy new ones lol...wish they had side pannels or somerhing like the CT side grip laser then id not have to change holsters...I hate those ones that go on or take place of the rear sight.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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